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Our history

The Calenella Camp was created in 1972 as a result of the conversion of a livestock farm into an accommodation facility. With the passing of time that transformation, which back then aroused some doubts, has turned out to be a happy choice. It has been an extraordinary adventure we have undertaken with great enthusiasm, always trying to combine the pleasure of working with having fun and without being overly influenced by the logic of a commercial firm.

Throughout these years the camping has undergone several changes, as was to be expected.

We have adapted and improved the facilities and the internal organization always mindful, however, not to alter the identity of this place. Our aim has been to ensure that the spirit of Calenella, the pleasure of human relationships, and the scents that can be enjoyed in this pine forest may remain the same as those of the past.

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SS. 89 km 78,500 - 71018 - San Menaio del Gargano (FG) - Italy

Tel + 39 0884 96 84 65

Recapito invernale 349.23.42.400