The Cuisine

The restaurant of the Camp is under our personal supervision.
Together with our chefs we have created a simple and genuine cuisine which, based on local products, enhances their authentic flavours in an original and creative manner.
The vegetables and greens are mostly a local produce; the extra-virgin olive oil comes from the olive groves of Vico and Rodi.
In the case of wines as well we have aimed at promoting those local businesses whose production is interesting and good, if not top-notch quality.
All of this is provided at a definitely reasonable price. Our hope is that we may convey to our guests the feeling of a warm and pleasant conviviality.

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SS. 89 km 78,500 - 71018 - San Menaio del Gargano (FG) - Italy

Tel + 39 0884 96 84 65

Recapito invernale 349.23.42.400