Dogs Regulation

Your dogs are welcome in our village, but we ask you to strictly adhere to the following regulations

  1. The presence of animals must be compulsorily reported at time of booking and arrival, and must be authorized by the Management.
  2. Upon check-in the dog owners must submit to the Department the appropriate health card dog with details of vaccinations.
  3. The law requires that all dogs during walks should always be kept on a leash (no longer than 150 cm) and with muzzle available. For dogs that fall into the category defined as "dogs biters" muzzle it must necessarily be worn; in any case, breeds of dogs and animals deemed dangerous or reported as such by the competent authorities, may be at the discretion of management, away from the Village.
  4. For all their dogs needs must always be accompanied outside the campsite or in specifically prescribed. The manure should immediately be removed with appropriate bag and spade.
  5. It is not allowed to leave pets alone inside the pitches; the owners should endeavor to ensure that your pet does not invade the pitch or the other's house.
  6. To noisy dogs that growl or bark will not be allowed to stay in the Village.
  7. It is not allowed to bring animals inside the toilets, in the pool, in the market, the playground and adventure park, the lawn in front of the tennis courts and the beach shuttle (unless with carrier).
  8. Dogs should never be left unattended and free to roam; civil and criminal liability for damages caused by the animal lies with the owner.
  9. For each dog you will pay a fixed fee or a fixed seasonal daily rate for hotel guests not seasonal.
  10. As for the entrance of dogs on the beach should rule Ordinance standards Bathing Region of Puglia.

To ensure all guests a quiet and peaceful coexistence, the Management reserves the right to evict without prior notice anyone who does not respect these rules.

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